Radio frequencies, sound and the Weaponization of Rife Technologies.

Did you know that frequency/sound has the ability to restore dead/dying blood cells. This shows the power of frequency/sound[i] We are at the turning point in humanity. To many secrets are being reviewed that could produce real freedom, that humanity has only been allowed a taste of. All the great experimenters-discoverers, who made discoveries that could have leap-frogged humanity far beyond the its present-day narrative construct were suppressed, murdered, or stopped by whatever means necessary, including war.  This includes Tesla, Moray, and a host of others…

Royal Raymond Rife comes to mind again. Rife developed a microscope that could see on the level of the electron beam microscope without effecting the surrounding cellular environment[i]. With this device he discovered that everything has a resonant frequency and if you can find a specific frequency/sound for an object, you can destroy the object that resonates at that frequency[ii]. He would eventually go on and discover the frequency of cancer cells and a host of other diseases. He then developed basically a sound/frequency generator that would destroy the disease infected cells and not harm the healthy ones. It is commonly called a “rife machine”[iii].  He would discover a non-destructive organism he would name “BX virus”, how would further discover that the “BX virus can be readily changed into different forms of its life cycle by the media upon which it is grown.”Rife, soon after his discoveries was then targeted by the powers that want to be and destroyed and died penny-less[iv].

Decades later a Canadian scientist by the name of Gaston Naessens[v], who came under fierce prosecution for his discoveries[vi] (notice the pattern?) would duplicate Rife’s microscope, only a solid-state version of Rife’s microscope[vii][viii][ix].

Through observation he discovered a ‘new’ indestructible lifeform he named “Somatids” that exist in all mammals and plants[x]. He would also discover that the “Somatids” are locked into a constant cycle of birth and death, and when this process was interrupted disease occurred[xi]. He would than go on and create a substance called 714-X for cancer[xii].

Why do I bring the Rife story into this? Because his discovery was used for nefarious purposes and its “proof of concept” can easily be seen with the “high-tech” world of EMF radiation[xiii][xiv] we find our bodies emersed in, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, through our cellphones, TV’s, towers, etc… 4G, 5G[xv], 6G, etc…

Need anymore proof?

This discovery on blood is truly revolutionary and has the same potential of leap-frogging humanity forward in the field of health. However as with a majority of revolutionary discoveries that can do good, they can also do harm. Rife’s discovery was no different. Radio frequencies can also cause harm[xvi]. Peer reviewed studies published in the 2020’s not only prove Rife’s work, but unfortunately prove that his discovery has been used to harm people.

That is what the vax is all about, shutting it down once and for all. Building the microcircuits in or bodies to take control of our god given natural frequencies.  Two peer reviewed studies come to mind. One conducted in the Keystone state of Pennsylvania and UPMC Hamot medical center that showed how RF radiation (frequencies) cause CoVID like symptoms[xvii], and another in the far east the described the exact frequencies that caused the ill effects[xviii]. Vaccinated individuals are already transmitting Bluetooth range frequencies indicting that the presence of internal biomedical transmitters[xix][xx][xxi][xxii][xxiii]. It is not just limited to disease like symptoms. It also involves the ability to use radio frequencies to build microcircuits in the human body[xxiv], i.e. self-assembly[xxv]. These results are relevant for the development of AgNWs-based electronics and in-hardware neuromorphic computing[xxvi]. Neuromorphic Hardware is a  type of computer architecture designed to mimic the structure and function of the human brain[xxvii], including antennas[xxviii] for communication and/or control purposes.

“Self-assembling” refers to a process where a person is injected, or exposed to electromagnetic frequencies which act as instructions themselves, that cause and control the assembly of a structure within the body, utilizing elemental resources such as hydrogen, or oxygen atoms, or compounds that the subject has had injected into them, or been exposed to. This concept of nanotech self-assembly implies that a microchip or similar structure does not need to be directly injected; instead, the necessary circuitry can be built in vivo following the initial injection. “Self-assembled magnetic nanomaterials (MNMs) are a class of promising biomaterials possessing excellent physiochemical and biological characteristics, making them highly attractive in biomedical applications. A myriad of magnetic nanosystems can be created by using self-assembly as a synthetic tool.”[xxix] What else is self-assembed? Our own DNA. It is a self-assembled nanostructure. The “blending of nanotech with living cells” and the ability to create “self-assembling tiny electronic devices” can be found as far back as 2001[xxx].

There are numerous peer reviewed studies praising wireless body area network (WBAN) or a body sensor network (BSN) or a medical body area network (MBAN), which have the ability to monitor a person’s body functions from a remote location[xxxi]. This is where self-assembling hydrogel(s)[xxxii], such as self-assembled amino acids[xxxiii] and peptides [xxxiv] come into play. Where “smart hydrogels” have the ability to self-modify in response to the organism that they are located in/on/near[xxxv].

Presently, some of this technology, that combines ancient suppressed knowledge with modern knowledge is starting to be released into the health field at a much lower cost so that all can afford it.

It is a race against good and evil and the one who finishes first, wins, and the only weapons required are the truth and knowledge, with a little bit of preparedness and balls thrown in.

The live blood discovery video

The Somatids cycle video


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