Toxic Earth

The second wave started to hit in December of 2020[i]. Soon after alt-media was reporting on people dying and strange incidents. It was discovered that the official statics did not report on any deaths from the inoculation date to two weeks out[ii]. Soon, data would start to appear that showed a huge uptick in deaths,

Forever Chemicals

Chemtrails. Dance of the Sky Demons

The “conspiracy theory” of “chemtrails” has echoed throughout the internet for the last three decades. However, while Main Stream Media will still attack anyone who may hold to this “conspiracy”, politicians, government bodies, and professional environmental journals[i], going back as far as 1977[ii] have clearly admitted to them. It is no longer regulated to the

Heavy Metals

The Eye of Horus

This article describes the discovery of how you can identify if you are contaminated with nano technology. This discovery what made by both sides of the health spectrum, both main stream medicine and alternative practitioners who reviewed the MSM studies which led them to the discoveries present here.


What is a Spike Protein?

The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, is a crucial component that facilitates the virus’s entry into human cells. Discover how you can eliminate the spiked protein easily and for free at the bottom of this article. and This spike protein is also known as the S protein. Understanding its structure and