Toxic Earth

The second wave started to hit in December of 2020[i]. Soon after alt-media was reporting on people dying and strange incidents. It was discovered that the official statics did not report on any deaths from the inoculation date to two weeks out[ii]. Soon, data would start to appear that showed a huge uptick in deaths, injuries, and strange health modalities.

In order to establish the credibility of the two individuals who have sounded the alarm, short bios are required;

  1. Steve Kirsch: Kirsch is a graduate of MIT who has established multiple companies. He played a pivotal role as one of two individuals who created the optical mouse (Mouse Systems). He also established FrameTechnology (acquired by Adobe), Infoseek (acquired by Disney), Propel, Abaca, OneID, Token, and M10. He built a lecture hall at MIT that MIT would not allow him to speak in[iii].

He has issued a $1 million dollar reward to prove that he is incorrect in his findings injuries and/or deaths the vaccine has caused[iv], which too this day has gone unchallenged. Further, he has been permanently banned on Twitter (twice), LinkedIn, Medium, and Wikipedia. His Wikipedia entry has been modified to make him look evil because they allege, he promoted misinformation [v]. When the vaccines were rolled out Mr. Kirsch provided the evidence that it was the vaccines that were injuring and/or killing people, he titled it “Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people” and you can read it by clicking here.

  1. Barry Young: Young was the Statistician of the New Zealand Ministry of Health. He was responsible for managing New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination database. He is the only one to step forwarded worldwide, with his government’s official statistics of its vaccination program. He was soon arrested for “dishonestly accessing vaccination data.”[vi]. In his first interview he exposed what actually was going on. Click here to watch the one hour video[vii].

Ed Dowd[viii], Dr. Peter McCullough[ix] and many others would also step forward to present their evidence on what appeared to be really going on. As a side note Dr. McCullough has impeccable academic credentials[x]. He holds positions as an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist, serving as a distinguished professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine. And has a master’s degree in public health. His scholarly contributions are widely recognized worldwide, and he ranks among the top five most published medical researchers in the United States. Furthermore, he is the editor for two esteemed medical journals[xi]. He was striped of his medical credentials for speaking out[xii].

With this second wave health care experts started sounding the alarm on what they were finding, and much of what they found baffled them. Alt-health professionals also were seeing the same thing. One of the most disturbing discoveries made; the same compounds that appeared to be the cause of the adverse health issues in the vaccinated were appearing in the unvaccinated. Further the vaccinated were five times more contagious (i.e. shedding) then the unvaccinated ten days after infection[xiii].

The startling things they were finding was;

  1. Anaphylactic Shock[xiv]
  2. Gastrointestinal Disorders[xv][xvi][xvii]
  3. Myocarditis[xviii][xix], males between the ages of 16 and 29 have been most often affected by COVID-19–vaccine-related myocarditis[xx]. Prior to the vaccine Myocarditis in young was a rare occurrence.
  4. Neurological Damage[xxi][xxii][xxiii] and Nervous System Disorders[xxiv].
  5. Respiratory Disorders[xxv][xxvi]
  6. Self-Assembling Nano Circuits[xxvii][xxviii][xxix][xxx][xxxi]
  7. Strokes[xxxii][xxxiii], including a jump in the younger generations.
  8. Turbo Cancer[xxxiv][xxxv][xxxvi]. Most are Stage 3 or 4 when they are diagnosed, but symptoms only arose days or weeks prior with a very high rate of spreading[xxxvii].
  9. White Fibrous Clots[xxxviii], prior to 2021[xxxix], and after 2021[xl].

Real researchers worldwide formed loose network of cooperation to communicate on their findings to identify what was actually occurring and come up with potential solutions. One of the main issue they found the presence of graphene oxide in the body[xli][xlii] along with a buildup of forever chemicals (PFAS), and heavy metals in the body.

Graphene Oxide: Graphene oxide (GO) comes from graphene, which is just one layer of carbon atoms arranged in a pattern like a honeycomb. The inherent characteristics of graphene are noteworthy, boasting exceptional traits including high electrical conductivity, mechanical robustness, and efficient thermal conductivity. It has the ability to self-assemble into electronic circuits, such as sensors inside the body[xliii][xliv][xlv][xlvi][xlvii][xlviii].

GO is the primary component required for wireless body area network (WBAN) or a body sensor network (BSN) or a medical body area network (MBAN), which have the ability to monitor a person’s body functions from a remote location[xlix][l]. It has the ability to communicate in the gigahertz range (4G,5G,6G)[li][lii]. One potential applications for 6G technology involves harnessing Visible Light Communication (VLC), essentially a wireless adaptation of fiber-optic communication, using human beings as the antenna[liii]. It has the potential to replace vulnerable fiber optic cables that are easily prone to damage. It presents a cost-effective means of gathering surplus energy generated by VLC[liv].

Graphene Oxide is considered highly toxic to the blood and has been shown to have severe effects like thrombogenicity (blood clots) [lv], and is cytotoxic to living cells[lvi]. Pfizer has admitted in their own documents that their vaccine contains Graphene Oxide[lvii][lviii]. Other vaccines appear to have it according to respected researchers[lix][lx][lxi][lxii], as well as face masks. It should not be in the body at all.

Micro & Nano Plastics: Microplastics are defined as plastic particles less than five millimeters in size. They have infiltrated practically every facet of the ecosystem, posing environmental and potential health concerns[lxiii]. Nano-plastics are less than 1000 nanometers[lxiv][lxv] . Both are bioaccumulative (build up in the body).

Advancements in microanalysis have discovered that nanoplastics a more serious threat due to their size, giving them the ability to penetrate into the smallest areas of living organisms, including cells and tissues posing a higher risk to a organisms health and ecosystems that microplastics. Based on this new technology a recent study has revealed that bottled water may harbor hundreds of thousands (240,000) of previously unaccounted tiny plastic particles. This was 10 to 100 times more plastic particles than discovered in earlier studies[lxvi].

The most worrisome aspect of micro and nano plastics is those made from PFAS, in short, they come from the same family of plastics that Teflon® originate from. Long-term exposure to PFAS (forever chemicals) has been associated with various health issues, including; increased cholesterol levels[lxvii], neurological, including brain fog[lxviii], thyroid function[lxix], immune system disruption[lxx], reproductive/infertility, including increased incidence of gestational diabetes, childhood obesity, preeclampsia, and fetal growth restriction[lxxi][lxxii], developmental problems[lxxiii], liver disease[lxxiv][lxxv], kidney disease[lxxvi], cancer[lxxvii]. One researcher’s team identified histidine, sucrose, poly-ethylene glycol (“PEG”) and ethylene alcohol, were also contained in the Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen Covid injections[lxxviii].

According to the main stream media options to detoxify remain “elusive”[lxxix]. Also, due to the prevalence of these chemicals in the environment and food chain, and their bioaccumulation abilities, detoxification protocols should be utilized on a regular basis.

Heavy Metals: Heavy metals are metals with high atomic weights and densities, and some of the most common ones found in the body include lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and chromium.

These metals can accumulate in various tissues and organs over time, leading to a range of health problems such as tremors, memory loss, difficulty concentrating[lxxx] (brain fog)[lxxxi], and mood swings[lxxxii]. It can also affect the kidneys and cardiovascular system[lxxxiii], various cancers[lxxxiv][lxxxv], cardiovascular disease[lxxxvi], and respiratory problems[lxxxvii], kidney stones and renal failure[lxxxviii]. Long-term exposure to cadmium has also been linked to bone demineralization and osteoporosis[lxxxix]. In an incredible move the state senate of Tennessee passed a bill outlawing chemtrails. Chemtrails also are a major contributor to heavy metal contamination.

Detoxing from Graphene Oxide, PFAS and Heavy Metals can contribute to improved health outcomes, reduced toxicity, enhanced detoxification, and prevention of long-term health risks associated with exposure. It’s essential to note that the efficacy and safety of chelation therapy for Heavy Metals removal is a excepted practice, there is no evidence it is effective against PFAS[xc][xci] or Graphene Oxide, however in the alternative health field protocols have be developed and appear to be showing promising results, EDTA being one of them, however precautions must be taken. have been shown to provide benefits  may vary depending on factors such as the specific chelating agent used, the individual’s health status, and the extent of Heavy Metals exposure.

Other Contamination Issues: Spike Protein, Hydrogels and Radiation


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