We are constantly being toxified, whether from the air we breathe, water/liquids we drink, the food we eat or the injections we receive… MasterPeace establishes itself as the quintessential detoxification aid amid the complexities of today’s toxic environment.

Drop Calculator: Find out how many drops per day.


Divide the total amount calculated below in half. Take half in the morning and half in the evening. If you are reaching 15 drops a day, consider breaking up into three separate times per day; morning, afternoon and evening.

Through extensive research and experimentation led by Michael Coe, the Founder of Phoreus Biotech Nanolabs, MasterPeace achieves a size range unparalleled in the industry. This precision size enables it to capture toxins anywhere water travels within the body.

Utilizing naturally occurring Clinoptilolite Zeolite, which is considered the master binder along with Marine Plasma, provides safe, effective and low-cost groundbreaking advancement in holistic detoxification. The Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a safe negatively charged mineral that magnetically finds and traps the positively charged toxins. Zeolites have an affinity for positively charged substances, which toxins carry that type of charge. This category includes medications and sporadic supplements. This includes Forever Chemicals, Micro and Nano Plastics, Graphene Oxide and Heavey Metals.


Marine Plasma can be found throughout the Earth’s oceans. Based on the location it is harvested from determines its beneficial characteristics. The plasma used in MasterPeace is the finest available. Marine plasma and human blood plasma share similarities in their composition and physiological functions. Both contain essential minerals, electrolytes, and water structure, crucial for cellular function and osmotic balance. They facilitate nutrient transport, pH regulation, and maintenance of fluid balance within their respective systems. By combining this unparalleled source of 100% bioavailable nutrition with MasterPeace zeolites, it strategically targets and seizes the toxins, which are then expelled through the normal elimination pathways of the human body, and replaces the heavy metals and toxins with nutrient dense structured marine plasma containing 96 organic-minerals in a perfect ratio.


The final process in creating MasterPeace is the infusion of the highest frequencies and energetics that elevates the consciousness of the liquid itself, endowing it with characteristics akin to Ormus, unmatched by any other product.

We recommend taking these types of products at least 30 minutes after consuming MasterPeace (MP). This allows MP ample time to absorb fully and make its way to the proper locations within the body. Always consult with a health professional before taking any product.

5 drops under the tongue twice a day, 30 minutes away from anything else you ingest. Work up to that if sensitive.