Detection Information for Nanotech Contamination in the Body?

This information will provide you will two types of other devices that will help you pinpoint the potential location and type of the nano-tech contamination you may have been exposed to.  We already covered the use of UV flashlights to help you determine if you are contaminated with nano technology. This procedure was first documented by when they were focusing on implants but has been expanded to nano technology.


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The engineering aspect of something like a megaphone and pens aren’t just about avoiding feedback; it’s crucial for emitting sound waves. Now, let’s delve into some background information and define some terms to clarify our discussion. You want to stay away from digital controls. Digital controls can be remotely manipulated with a signal generator. So, try to stick with these simple analog type devices and you’ll have fewer problems. And always disconnect the battery when finished.

MICRO IMPLANTS VERSUS MACRO IMPLANTS: Let’s differentiate between micro implants and macro implants. Micro implants refer to self-assembling structures like graphene found in COVID shots, while macro implants are larger-scale structures. The macro implants can be as small as a grain of rice and as large as a peanut. They are much larger than self-assembling micro structures of graphene.

MEGAPHONES: The megaphone emits different tones for graphene detection compared to macro implants, providing clarity on the identification and distinction between the two types. Typical locations for macro implants include the neck, jawline, around the ears, and joints like elbows and knees. Use the volume adjustment for sensitivity. Megaphones are a good way to start the searching process because you can cover a larger area faster.

PENS: These are typically referred to as acupuncture electric massager pens. And so used in the acupuncture industry to stimulate certain points in the body. And it’s supposed to give people relief from muscle strains and things like that.

It provides a mild electric shock. It’s not painful. It’s has an adjustment of volume adjustment that goes up and down on it. What’s important is that you can detect the implants in the body because you’ll get a feedback. Also, if another person is doing the testing make sure the person is properly grounded.

The use of an electric massager pen alongside the megaphone has proven effective in detecting implants. These pens stimulate areas with larger implants, causing noticeable vibrations. Combining these tools provides reliable confirmation of implant presence. This is useful for providing the location for any medical assistance, if you want you to take that information maybe in form of a small video and take it to your doctor or nurse practitioner and say, hey, I’d like to get an ultrasound for this spot.

Ideally, it we believe scanning your body for scars and unusual sensations may indicate implant presence. Take your time, document findings, and seek ultrasound confirmation for suspicious areas. If confirmed, consider consulting a plastic surgeon for removal.

In one person’s case, the person acquired implants over 16 years through surgeries, some elective and some not. Many were undetected due to surgical scars masking their presence until later sensations revealed them.

We encourage acquiring a megaphone, which costs around $15, available online or at retail stores, and pens are as low as $6. It’s essential to understand its functions, including volume control, which also adjusts sensitivity. Simple analog devices are preferable to digital ones, which can be manipulated remotely.

It’s essential to share findings and experiences with organizations like

By raising awareness, we can combat the covert implantation of individuals, including infants. Donations and support are appreciated to further our cause and bring an end to this unethical program.