Holiday Survival Guide – 10

14) Use Those “Time-Savers” Along The Way

Paper plates, disposable silverware, plastic cups, one-use aluminum baking pans, and napkins can really cut down on your workload when throwing a friendly get-together. No one likes cleaning up after a party, especially the person that has to do most of the work! Using things that can be thrown out after everything is all over can significantly reduce your stress. Did you remember to get trash bags? Cleaning up after a party isn’t the ONLY thing that caters to saving you time though. Still have a few extra weeks before presents need to be wrapped up? Try purchasing a few things from home online! Many internet shops even include gift wrapping before the package is sent out for a small fee. So why not give it a try? This is especially handy for those that have friends or family across the country, or world for that matter.

15) Say “Thank You”

Everyone enjoys receiving the gift of a well deserved “thank you”, so always mind your manners and give them out freely! Also, folks like to know that you truly appreciated the time and effort it took them to select your gift, so take some time and send them a lovely Thank You card, including a personal comment and not just your signature. This is a project the whole family can get behind. Divide up the work. Assign one person to putting the cards, or notes, into an envelope. Another can put on the stamps, and yet another can address them. Or, send them a “home-made” gift as your own unique way of saying thanks!

16) Leave Yourself Extra Time For The Unexpected

Delays are a part of everyday living, but seem to heighten around the holiday  hustle and bustle. There are lots of people traveling, shopping, and partaking in festive activities, so be sure you give yourself enough time to account for these delays in getting where you’re going. In addition to this, winter weather can be, more often than not, unpredictable, which can also lead to back-ups in street traffic, delayed or even canceled flights, and other scheduled transportation systems. Psych yourself up for this ahead of time so that you might handle the stress a little better. Something else you could do as far as getting to important appointments on time is to set your clocks a half hour faster. Fool yourself into thinking that it is really later than it is. Then you’ll be happily surprised when you end up at your destination on time, or even early!