What Weakens Your Immune System

Low immune system is a serious disorder that people suffering from this are generally susceptible to acquire illnesses from bacteria, viruses and infections, like the common cold and flu. Likewise, most people that have low immunity most often experience fatigue and are always tired most of the time. The body’s immune system is a complex system and it is the best defense mechanism of the body that efficiently fights harmful viruses and infections. But sometimes, the immune system experience some problems and cannot function properly, as a result, people get sick most of the times.

Low immune system disorder can appear in a myriad of ways and with contrasting levels. The disorder can be hereditary in origin, acquired though unforeseen circumstances, or due to other low immunity issues. Whatever the case maybe, the reduced immunocompetence level which is the body’s ability to react to invading pathogenic organisms, tissue damage or tumors is mostly dependent on the state of the condition, which immune system components are affected and to what extent.

Proper diagnosis is essentially important, as low immune system can certainly pose some serious health risks to any individual. The body’s immune system is essentially important to our physical health and well-being, as a well-built and balance immune system is needed for proper health preservation. With the rising resistance of a lot of viruses to present anti-fungal drugs and antibiotics, the effect of having low immune system disorder is always considered a serious matter. In addition, the day-to-day immune challenges and risks in the current much contaminated environment sparked a significant increased in the need and importance of keeping an optimal immune system. By appropriately utilizing natural agents, it will be possible to help support to repair a low immune system.

Symptoms of low immune system disorder can include persistent fever, swollen lymph nodes, anorexia, unceasing diarrhea, weight loss, symptoms of severe infections such as meningitis, pneumonia, and encephalitis, to name a few. As in severe cases of this immune system disorder can be dangerously fatal, as the patient can die from septic shock. Since low immune system disorder does not have a clear pattern, faulty immune health function and its exact cause is often difficult to detect. The body’s immune system is perfectly balanced and divided to various systems inside our body. Among in the forefront in the fight against foreign invaders such as viruses and infections inside the body are the white blood cells. If you have a low immune system disorder chances are your white blood cell count or level are definitely low. If this happens, you are more prone to diseases and infections.

Low immune system can be attributed or caused by a lot of external influences that include genetics, emotional stress, and physical stressors like not having enough sleep or athletic over-workout, chemical exposure, UV and any other types of radiation, occupational and environmental hazards, common bacterial or viral infections, blood transfusion, certain drug therapies, and a lot more. Dietary habits also affects low immune system such as excessive intake of refined sugar, alcoholic beverages, excessive fat, inadequate protein, vitamin, calorie, mineral, and more.